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Faze Clan

🎮 General information about Faze Clan
💃🕺 Teams, lineups, players’ roles
🤳 Faze Clan non-gaming activities

faze clan logoFaZe Clan (formerly FaZe Sniping) is a professional esports and entertainment organization headquartered in Los Angeles, USA. Founded on May 30, 2010, it brings together players from different countries. FaZe Clan teams regularly participate in Call of Duty, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Tom Rain Clancy Rainbow Six Siege, FIFA and Fortnite Battle Royale tournaments. In 2020, the organization entered the Asian market, joining the PUBG Mobile and FIFA Online rosters.

Faze Clan has a large number of victories and titles. Special attention is paid to sponsorship and charitable activities. Detailed information about the organization is presented in this overview.

🎮 General information about Faze Clan

The history of the organization began with a regular YouTube channel. It was organized in 2010 by three Call of Duty players. Videos by gamers Eric “CLipZ” Rivera, Jeff “Housecat” Emann and Ben “Resistance” quickly gained widespread popularity. At the end of the year, FaZe ILLCAMS ‘series of stories surpassed all expectations in terms of the number of views. Therefore, already in 2011, Faze Clan began to actively expand their activities and entered the international level.

CS: GO, PUBG, Rainbow Six and a number of other disciplines have gradually joined the core of Call of Duty players. The top teams of the organization that set the tone for Call of Duty tournaments in different periods were FaZe eSniping, FaZe France, Red Reserve, Atlanta FaZe. The last one was created in October 2019. The goal of this unit was to restore the significance of the undeservedly forgotten esports discipline. An entire league was founded in Atlanta, and the organizers attracted a number of large companies and media figures as sponsors and investors.

💃🕺 Teams, lineups, players’ roles

For 2020, teams in Call of Duty, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, FIFA and Fortnite Battle Royale are participating in various tournaments from the esports organization FaZe Clan. In 2020, two new divisions were added to this list. Having firmly consolidated its leading position in North America, Faze Clan began to develop the Asian market. For this purpose, divisions were created in PUBG Mobile and FIFA Online. Below are tables with the current lineups and brief information about the players.

FaZe Clan Call of Duty Team
Команда FaZe Clan по Call of Duty
Команда FaZe Clan по Call of Duty
Nickname (Full name) Role (Country)
aBeZy (Tyler Farris‏) First line-up player (USA)
Priestahh (Preston Greiner) First line-up player (USA)
Simp (Kris Ler) First line-up player (USA)
MajorManiak (Michael Szymaniac) First line-up player (USA)
Cellium (McArthur Jovel) First line-up player (USA)
GRVTY (Thomas Malin) Reserve player of the first squad (USA)
First squad player (USA)
Crowder (James Crowder) Coach (USA)
RJ (Richard Simoncelli) Assistant coach (USA)
Easy (Austin O’Neil) Analyst (USA)
Sibilants (Данте Грей) First squad player (USA)
JurNii (Juan Antonio González Muñoz) Reserve player of the first squad (Spain)
First squad player (Spain)
LewTee (Lewis Todd) Coach (Great Britain)
FaZe Clan CS: GO Team
Команда FaZe Clan по CS: GO
Nickname (Full name) Role (Country)
rain (Håvard Nygaard) Basics Player (Norway)
olofmeister (Olof Kajbjer Gustafsson) Basics Player (Sweden)
NiKo (Nikola Kovač) Basics player (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
coldzera (Marcelo Augusto David) Basics Player (Brazil)
YNk (Janko Paunović) Coach (Serbia)
broky (Helvijs Saukants) Probationary period (Latvia)
FaZe Clan PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds TeamFaZe Clan PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Team
Nickname (Full name) Role (Country)
Aitzy (Ludvik Jahnsen) Basics Player (Norway)
Fuzzface (David Tillberg-Persson) Basics Player (Sweden)
Gustav (Gustav Blønd) Basics Player (Denmark)
ubah (Ivan Kapustin) Basics Player (Russia)
Didz (Dylan Didiano) Coach (Canada)
FaZe Clan Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Team
FaZe Clan Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Team
Nickname (Full name) Role (Country)
mav (Rafael Loureiro Freitas) Basics Player (Brasil)
Astro (Leonardo Luís) Basics Player (Brasil)
Yoona (João Gabriel Nerici) Basics Player (Brasil)
live (Vinícius dos Santos Monteiro) Basics Player (Brasil)
ion (Ronaldo Osawa) Basics Player (Brasil)
Sn4rFx (Cristian Matheus Schroeder) Coach (Brasil)
FaZe Clan Fortnite Battle Royale TeamFaZe Clan Fortnite Battle Royale Team
FaZe Clan Fortnite Battle Royale Team
Nickname (full name) Role (Country)
Tennp0 (Jason Wang) Basics Player (USA)
Funk (Trevor Siegler) Basics Player (USA)
Nate Hill (Nate Hill) Basics Player (USA)
Bini (Spencer Cherubini) Basics Player (USA)
Diggy (Kolbe Cordon) Basics Player (USA)
Tilt (Jonathan DeRosa) Basics Player (USA)
Megga (Noam Ackenine) Basics Player (USA)
Dubs (Daniel Walsh) Basics Player (USA)
Mongraal (Kyle Jackson) Basics Player (USA)
Bizzle (Timothy Miller) Basics Player (USA)
Ewok (Soleil Wheeler) Basics Player (USA)
Martoz (Juan Manuel Martinez Ozuduru) Basics Player (Netherland)
DestinysJesus (Hugh Gilmour) Coach (Great Britain)
FaZe Clan FIFA PlayerFaZe Clan FIFA Player
Nickname (full name) Role (Country)
Tass (Tassal Rushan) Basics Player (Great Britain)
FaZe Clan PUBG Mobile Team FaZe Clan PUBG Mobile Team
Nickname (Full name) Amplua
MR5 (Thiraphong Murasri) Basics Player (Thailand)
Vintorez (Tharit Pluksang) Basics Player (Thailand)
BulShark (Ratchapol Maneerat) Basics Player (Thailand)
MaFia (Pollawat Kraipol) Coach / Analyst (Thailand)
FaZe Clan FIFA Online TeamFaZe Clan FIFA Online Team
Nickname (Full name) Role (Country)
TDKeane (Teedech Songsaisakul) Basics Player (Thailand)
Michael04 (Sorawit Rotjanasinlapin) Basics Player (Thailand)
JubJub (Phatanasak Varanan) Basics Player (Thailand)

🤳 Faze Clan Non-gaming activities

Along with organizing esports competitions and promoting its own teams, the organization is engaged in other activities. Main areas:

  • A partnership to celebrate successful projects with Custom Controllerzz, G FUEL, ASTRO Gaming, SteelSeries, Nissan, Wix, RESPAWN and Manchester City FC.
  • A co-production, where the Faze Clan’s cooperation with Siberia Hills, 24karats, New Era, NTWRK and the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey club deserves attention.
  • Charity highlighted in the provision of lots for the Charytatywni Allegro auction and the Call of Duty: Warzone organization in support of COVID-19 survivors.

Faze Clan masksDuring the coronavirus pandemic, FaZe Clan released reusable protective masks under their brand. In total, there are two options – in black and Red Camo for adults and adolescents.

They were released in limited edition and distributed through the official website of the company.

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