Ставки CS: GO на деньги: ⭐типы ставок и стратегии⭐

CS GO betting

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💪 CS: GO is a popular game where you can earn money
🎯 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive bet types
👑 Using skins instead of money
👀 Effective strategies
🎭 Favorites and outsiders
👆 LAN and online
🎮 Leading CS bookmakers

Many online bookmakers accept esports bets. Unlike football, hockey or tennis, in computer games it is easier to predict the outcome by knowing the rival teams and their strengths / weaknesses.

💪 CS:GO is a popular game where you can earn money

CS: GO is one of the most popular sports disciplines. Many of us played CS during our school years. Since then, the game has gained worldwide fame.

ставки CS GO

Now competitions are held annually on it with the participation of dozens of esports teams:

  • Astralis;
  • Fnatic;
  • Natus Vincere;
  • Mousesports;
  • Team Liquid и etc.

For those who don’t know: Counter-Strike is a team shooter. In Global Offensive, as in the previous parts of the game, two teams (5 people in each) are fighting each other – special forces and terrorists. CS provides several scenarios: hostage rescue and bomb clearance. You can also kill all players of the other team to win.

During the game, cybersportsmen can communicate with each other via radio messages. There is a special menu for calling them. The presence of radio commands ensures the coordination of team actions.

The first major CS: GO championship, ESL One Cologne, was held in 2014. The prize fund of this event was $ 250,000.

Each CS match consists of three maps. To win, a team must win two of them. The duration of the game on each map is 30 minutes. After 15 rounds, the opponents switch sides. When the score is 15:15, six additional rounds are played. In case of a tie, 6 more rounds are played and so on, until a winner is determined.

Betting on CS GO, you can quickly earn a lot of money. This is ensured by high payout rates and a large number of bet lines set by bookmakers.

🎯 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive bet types

how to bet on cs goThere are several types of Counter Strike bets: regular, and skins. Regular Counter Strike bets are accepted on:

  1. totals of rounds or cards;
  2. different handicaps or individual total of players;
  3. outcome W1 or W2;
  4. exact count;
  5. odd / even on cards.

Many bookmakers offer an additional list, including bets on the kill with a specific weapon, the option of winning the round (detonating a bomb or killing), the presence / absence of overtime, etc.

The most popular CS GO bets are on the outcome of events and total cards. The outcome of events is simple: after analyzing the situation and comparing the strengths of the teams, it is necessary to predict which of them will win. The total (over or under) by cards refers to their number. This type of CS GO betting is ideal for the Best Of 3 (bo3) format – up to two wins. Bets on total by cards are also suitable for Best Of 5 (bo5) – games up to three wins. The maximum number of cards in it is five.

👑 Using skins instead of money

Using skins instead of moneyThanks to the active development of the game, bettors have the opportunity to place bets on CS GO with skins. Skins are decorations for ammunition and weapon models in the game. They are appreciated because every gamer wants to use the unique design of their favorite assault rifle, pistol or AWP. Gamers are ready to pay a lot of money for unique skins. For example, some time ago GuardiaN, a sniper of the NaVi team, purchased a skin for a weapon for $ 10,000.

Many skins are received by players for free, so it’s easier to decide to put them on the line than money. As a result, you can make good money on skins. When betting with skins on a match, the same odds are set as when making a cash bet. To place bets with CS: GO skins, you need to register on the website of the selected bookmaker and link your Steam account to your profile.

👀 Effective strategies

cs go betting strategiesFor CS: GO bets to be profitable, you need to do them wisely and carefully analyze the rival teams. Evaluate not only the team as a whole, but also each individual participant – his achievements, individual skill. Of course, the teamwork of the team and the tactics chosen by it are of great importance.

Knowledge is the main assistant of a person who wants to make money by making a bet. Experts recommend the following for betters:

  1. before betting, you need to know as much as possible about the teams;
  2. to always be on the subject, you should be interested in the latest trends in esports;
  3. it is always better to make several small bets than one big one.

During this or that tournament, you always need to keep track of the odds set by the bookmakers. Based on them, you can determine the opinion and predictions of the bookmaker regarding who will be the winner in the confrontation. If some of the teams have high odds for winning, then if you win, you will receive a minimum profit. If the odds were low, the payout would be large.

Betting is best done in live mode, watching the match. Many championships are broadcast on the Internet and even on television. In live mode, you can visually assess the shape of your opponents and their readiness for confrontation, determine the favorite and the most productive players. Watching the battle, you can adjust the rates at any time taking into account the events taking place.

🎭 Favorites and outsiders

outsider betThere are two main strategies in CS: bet on the favorite to win or on the overrated team to lose. Those who are accustomed to betting on leaders can be recommended to choose championships with large prizes, which means they are a great motivation for esports players. Major competitions differ in that they significantly reduce the likelihood of contractual results. If you prefer a little-known competition with not too big prizes, bet on the outsiders: they can do well.

Hundreds of bettors always prefer to bet on favorites. This often leads to a loss, as the results of the competition are unpredictable. It happens that an outsider team eventually breaks out into first place. Therefore, it is better to bet on one card. It happens that a strong team in the first game loses, and the next two make up for lost time. Use this and bet on the favorite’s overall win when the odds rise.

Each team has strong and weak cards. Outsiders are sometimes underestimated. For example, team A plays well as terrorists on de_dust. In the current match, she loses on her favorite map in the role of special forces, but with a quick change of sides, it makes sense to bet on team A, if the esports players are not too far behind their opponents in points.

To make successful bets, study the statistics of previous competitions and rely on expert predictions. Do not be afraid to bet on teams with a 50-60% chance of winning: surprises often happen in the game.

If in the game there are opponents of approximately equal strength, playing on the same cards, most likely they will break through the total over 2.5. Many bettors in such a situation choose the exact score 2: 1. However, there is a risk of losing the bet, because with such a score either side can win.

👆 LAN and online

CS tournaments have LAN and online parts. LAN is the more predictable part as technical factors influence the results when playing online. It happens that due to Internet problems, players simply leave the tournament without playing a single card.

🎮 Leading CS bookmakers

where to put on cs goTo make money on bets, choose time-tested bookmakers that work legally. One of these bookmakers is GGBet. This portal is reliable, provides quick payment of winnings, and gives bonuses to customers. The website is well thought out and intuitive.