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User rights and obligations
Use of information
Other conditions

The current agreement is between the organization providing access to the site and all its services, and the client who is a visitor to the web resource. The guest working on the presented service is also obliged to conclude an agreement. This transaction controls the system for exploiting the information, functionality and capabilities of the Internet page provided by the owners of the virtual establishment.

User rights and obligations

1. A portal guest who has viewed at least one web page in the Internet portal is a user of the hall. Registration and authorization are not required.

2. The guest is provided with round-the-clock access to information on the selected online institution.

3. Having studied the clauses of the Agreement and voiced his consent by putting a tick in the box, the client automatically gets access to the various functions of the club. If you refuse to accept the terms, it is prohibited to use the source.

4. A visitor who has reached the age established by law can enter into such an agreement. Refusal is also guaranteed in case of ignoring, non-fulfillment of certain conditions for the conclusion of the transaction.

Use of information

1. The user undertakes not to take actions that may cause disruption of the page or its services. Violation of copyright and intellectual property legislation is also unacceptable.

2. Before using any materials, you must obtain the consent of the copyright holders. You will need to conclude agreements with the owners, obtain licenses. Otherwise, these actions will be illegal.

3. When advertising information on third-party portals, it is necessary to indicate the coordinates of the site. We are talking about any published material, including copyrighted works.

4. The administration does not take responsibility for visiting third-party resources, links to which are on the page.

5. The administration disclaims responsibility and any obligations (direct or indirect) to the visitor in connection with the losses that arose during the transition to a spare resource. Despite the fact that the link to the source was available on the site, the administration does not guarantee the honesty and decency of the links provided on the page and leading to other resources.

6. The consumer accepts the provision that the materials used in the Internet room are accompanied by advertising information.

Other conditions

1. All arising disagreements related to the contract or arising from it are resolved at the legislative level.

2. If the court invalidated any clause of the transaction, this does not mean that the prohibition applies to other aspects of the contract.

3. Protection of interests and copyrights by the owners of the portal can be organized immediately after the violation by the client. Corresponding actions can be taken much later, after some time.